If we could scrap soraka and remake a healer support

How would you do it? I Like the idea of a combat medic, Why not a medic that plays like Final fantasy tactics chemist? Q - Throws a potion at your ally, if it hits a enemy IT WILL HEAL THEM, Skillshot, Can be mana or heal Pot W - Quickly dashes to an ally, then you have to option to throw then away for a short distance, you are rooted Or Slowed for determinate time after doing this E-Passively Gain Resistance to Debuffs and increases Heal Rate, Active:you are inmmune to all kinds of CC for several seconds R-Select from one of the elixirs, apply them to your whole team, VERY HIGH cooldown and mana cost, elixir power increases or decreases by champion and skill level, buying any elixir from the shop will cancel yours
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