Obama says if he had run for president, he would've won.

And I agree. In fact I think 99% of Democratic candidates would've won but they put the one person who couldn't. Hell, they did a small poll (626 people) of Democrats and Independents to see who people would like to see run in 2020. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2016/12/21/democrats-running-for-president-2020/95651728/ At the top was Joe Biden with 43% excited and 31% not. Bernie Sanders was not too far later with 44% excited and 38% not. Compare these two to Hillary Clinton who got 23% excited and 62% not. Look at the massive difference. Now I supposed you could say this is biased as she just lost and who would want a candidate who already lost to run again but then think, people have pointed out that one issue was that the democrats just didn't come out to vote this election and one reasoning could be because they didn't like the Democratic candidate. You could call this beating a dead horse and everything, but I just really wish the Democrats would see, she's just NOT a good candidate and she never was. Edit: BTW, by Democrats, I don't mean the average Democrat but the higher ups in the DNC and shit that basically fucked us over by favoring one over the other instead of being impartial like they were supposed to be.
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