How to get over fear of performance?

I have always wanted to play music, and I love writing and covering songs (no vocals because I sound like a dying cat), and I have a bunch of songs recorded on various devices, albeit in bad quality since I dont have a fancy mic. Now, I hope it doesn't come off as bragging, but I know I am a fairly talented musician, I play piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, ocarina, ukulele, and the fucking mandolin but at the same time I always doubt that I actually am that good of a musician? I can never bring myself to perform in front of anyone, save a few of my closest friends, and I literally mean I can only perform in front of like 2 of my closest friends, but no one else. I can manage to play if I am in a group of people, however even that is extremely stressful, unless we are improvising, because I always feel safe when all I have to do is improvise (I dont know why). If I have to perform a written song in front of people, even if I am in a group, I have extremely bad panic attacks. Now, if there are any GDers who have played music in the past or now, how the fuck do you not break the fuck down when playing?
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