Should there be NO penalties for leaving the game?

I know you all at first thought dismissed the idea of no penalties for leaving the game, but hear me out. We should all agree that league is JUST A GAME. Even if you play professionally it is still a game unless your on a tournament. So playing normal or ranked is still considered a game you should play it for fun. Recently I have a lot of encounters with toxic players that want you to lose a game. But not enough to run it down mid. Just refusing to try and just afk farming. So why would 4 people have to try for the rest of the game while one is trying to lose. So the game is not fun for you and we all know that the guy is not going to get banned. He wasn't the most toxic player regarding the verbal abuse so doubt he is going to get banned. Of course you can go "open" as a team in base but you still have to wait 20 minutes or so. So I am proposing to remove the "ban penalty" for leaving. Just loosing IP for normal games and double the LP for ranked. But when you leave you can just start a new game like in World of Tanks. Of course there would be a limit to the number games you could leave in a period of time. Like 5 games in two weeks or something like that. So what do you guys think about this?
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