How about this, since you people don't like Syndra keeping her orbs around on missed skills...

Syndra's Passive: Mark of Power Each time one of her skills hits an enemy, it leaves an orb at the first enemy hit. Orbs last for 8 seconds. Syndra's Q: Power Spike Syndra marks an area. After a short delay, it explodes damaging all enemies. This skill may be cast while moving. Syndra's W: Force of Will First Cast: Syndra grabs a nearby orb, minion or monster. Second cast : Syndra throws what she's holding, dealing damage in an area on impact and slowing those hit for 1.5 seconds. Syndra's E: Scatter the Weak Syndra knocks back all enemies in a wide cone. Enemies knocked back are stunned for .75 seconds. Syndra's R: Power Point Syndra throws all of her active orbs, plus the 3 orbiting her, at her target. Deals damage per orb with no cap. Now, she has to hit her skills to maximize her power, with zero compensation when she misses.
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