I was unjustly banned, requesting chat logs.

I was given a chat restriction and a 40~ game or so draft normal restriction from playing ranked. I've been doing NOTHING but playing in 5 man premades with friends using skype. I've hardly been speaking at all and if I do I am speaking with FRIENDS. I can't speak to the other team. I would very much like to see my chat logs because there's no way I could have deserved this ban. My last 30 or so games are premades with friends. Pull logs from my last 30 games or so, don't reach back 100 games to find something that earned me my initial restrictions. Once I became restricted I followed the rules. If you try to pull logs from before I was restricted you will be displaying a massive bias for the system. If you trust your system, then your initial punishment of a chat restrict and ranked restrict should have been enough to punish me for whatever behavior earned that. **Punishing me for previous behavior while I was already punished for that previous behavior is unacceptable. ** Pull logs from all matches after I was initially restricted otherwise you're being biased and my ban is unjustified. Also I was banned immediately after playing a game where I said to my friends in my premade "Man Azir is a %%% champ." I said this to my friends, the opposing Azir did not hear what I said. I was not on skype during this game. I was frustrated and vented to my FRIENDS that I queued with. I feel like the chat scanner saw I said the word %%%, didn't include the fact that I was playing with friends in a premade and no opponents heard me say that, and just autobanned me. @Dr. Lyte
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