Monthly 5v5 Free Agent Draft Tournament 2pm EST!

THE CERBERUS CUP 2 by The McHuge Monsters Association
The Cerberus Cup is a monthly League of Legends 5v5 Summoner's Rift, Free Agent draft tournament hosted by the McHuge... The McHuge Monsters Association is hosting our monthly 5v5 Free Agent Draft tournament in less than an hour! It's draft based on skill, so don't worry about being godo or bad, it's all fun. $5 RP to each member of the winning team! If you have any questions see the Battlefy for info, or add me in game : Bruce McHuge To join sign up on the battlefy [Tournament Sign Ups]( And then hop in the Monsters Discord -- we're in the Cerberus Cup room underneath the stream channels [Discord link](
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