The Cerberus Cup - Monthly Free Agent Tournament - Today 2pm EST

THE CERBERUS CUP 4 by The McHuge Monsters Association
The Cerberus Cup is a monthly League of Legends 5v5 Summoner's Rift, Free Agent draft tournament hosted by the McHuge... Today, March 19th at 2pm EST, The McHuge Monsters Association is hosting our monthly Tournament : The Cerberus Cup! **Details ==========** Free Agent Draft based on skill. You don't have to be good, you don't need to bring a team, you just need to want to have fun and possibly get my 5 dollas. >: D Every match is best of 1 until the finals, the finals are best of 3. **Rewards ==========** Each member of the winning team earns a special title in the Monsters Discord, and $5 RP! ** To Join ==========** Sign up on the website linked above, and be in the Monsters Discord at tournament time! Team formation begins at 2pm EST! Matches will be broadcast here : []( Bruce McHuge and the Monsters Association [The Monsters Discord]( [The Monsters Association Website](
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