Jungler and supports hate hearing it but it's true

Often times, junglers and supports are what decide the outcome of the game. Top lane just hangs around and waits for ganks. Mid lane just pushes and roams with jungle and supports vision control allows picks to happen, which enable the rest of the team. No it's not just the supports job to ward and yes other people can roam/gank but by in large, if the enemy jungler is ganking a ton and the enemy support is warding key spots on the map for objective control or pick spots and your jungler and support aren't, the ward controlling support and ganking jungler will win 9/10 games. That's just a fact. Junglers hate being held responsible for this but when solo laners lose lane on their own, we get shit storms for it even though the nature of solo lanes can be won/lost and snowball off of one play. And as a jungler, your role is the most impact role in the game. It just is. So if the enemy jungler is doing work and you aren't, it's noticeable and frustrating. It might be unfair but it's the role you chose to play. Supports just need to ward honestly. You can literally play any support in this game and win games by just stressing vision control and getting your team to help. It's a bit less out of the supports control but regardless a warding support vs a non warding support generally wins. Shit just gets old when I lose lane and I own up to it and I ask for help because if I don't get it, I'm going to lose my top two towers and the enemy top will roam, especially if my TP is on cooldown. And what I get? "Fuck you don't feed while I farm!!" Saying "just farm" may as well translate to just watch the enemy team slowly bleed you out and take everything from you. God I hate farm junglers There was a point I was trying to make but for the life of me I lost it somewhere in this rant because Warwick junglers make me rage
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