Seeking Summoners: Bilgewater v. Bandle City, Freljord v. Shadow Isles

Sign up for this weekend's Featured Matches: Bilgewater v. Bandle City (March 14), the Freljord v. the Shadow Isles (March 15)
This weekend, we'll have special Intermission Featured Matches between Bilgewater and Bandle City (Saturday, March 14) and between the Freljord and the Shadow Isles (Sunday, March 15). As these are Intermission matches, anyone is free to put their name in the hat for either or both factions on each day.
Summoners of the League of Legends! Hear ye and be warned that the Council has decreed that a contest of arms upon that Field of Justice known as the Howling Abyss shall conclusively resolve the disputes hereafter described. ā™¦ 14 MARCH, 25 CLE. BILGEWATER accuses BANDLE CITY of spying upon it using the so-called Lunar Monitoring and Analytic Operations system, and dispatching Reconnaissance Operations Front-Line copters to intercept a privateer fleet on the Guardian's Sea. ā™¦ 15 MARCH, 25 CLE. THE FRELJORD demands that THE SHADOW ISLES return the souls of Winter's Claw warriors diverted into the custody of the Isles by alteration of the leylines of the Conqueror's Sea. Let the word of the League be as law, lest all the powers of Runeterra arrange themselves against ye. There may be no appeal. --- **[Sign up here.](** We'll randomly select names to create the teams, which will be balanced according to tier. --- **[Factions](** will be hosting shoutcasted Featured Matches this weekend, as usual. Matches will be held on both Saturday and Sunday. There will be a best-of-three on both days. We're trying something a little different this weekend: we'll be fighting these on the Howling Abyss instead of the Rift. Saturday, March 14 will be a showdown between Bilgewater and Bandle City. Sunday, March 15 will featured the Freljord versus the Shadow Isles. All skill levels are welcome: we balance the tiers on each team to keep it fair, and it is after all mostly just for fun. We encourage you to throw your name in the hat and join in. **[More information is available here.](**
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