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Now that chromas are more than just simple recolors, with added details, patterns, etc. I thought I'd ask: Exactly how far do those details go? For example, would a default white Shockblade Zed with arctic camouflage patterns be on the table? Or what about a green one with forest camouflage (standard green/brown patterns.) What about similar things for other characters? Admittedly, it is more work than just adding some flame patterns on a pair of pants, but you know what I mean right? Are camo patterns and other equivalent alterations "on the table" for Chroma skins? Or are the "extra details" ONLY limited to things like the cow spots on Teemo and the flame patterns on Shockblade Zed's pants? I feel like there is a ***HUGE*** amount of creative freedom with chromas that are not strictly recolors. Like, imagine a pink Ahri chroma with heart patterns on her tails. Stuff like that is too good to pass up.
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