This is an animu/waifu thread...with monster girls....and music...and animu...and waifus...yeah

And then he asked: can you make a thread about cute monster girls so i tried and failed :^) as almost always i going for some smart marketing and then posting those "cute" monster girl images, no, really, finding cute monster girls pics is hard af unless i try to go for ohayou pics which is not really my style Maybe i could have got better pics but after like 200 pages i just got tired of searching them cute pics, damn it was really hard cause its a sea of nsfw out there, i did manage to find some good "cute" pics tho Btw going to talk about this season animus, anly things i've watched so far are: - Bubuki Buranki second season: hmmm first episode was k i guess i was almost sure that it was going to suck but it didnt and thats good - Bloodivores: Chinese-japanese animu that is not really bad but its a 5/10 so far, still better than Hitori no Shit: the Outcast - Shuumatsu no Izetta: Witches, war, nice blonde waifu, flying sniper rifle, IT HAS EVERYTHING!! no really first episode was good 7/10 would not drop - Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: I loved the first minute because stuff(watch it) so it was a weird first episode but just knowing how the story is going to progress makes me fucking happy, what doesnt make me happy at all is that weird boy that became a magical disappointment but hey he deserved a chance - ViVid Strike!: tbh i dont know how this one goes, i just doesnt even make sense, all i know is that girl fight each other, i havent watched Lyrical Nanoha ViViD so i dont know any character and maybe thats the problem i dont really care tho - Tiger Mask W: almost shit what else can i say about it Opinions may vary after a few more episodes btw and thats pretty much everything i've watched this season and im about to start with IBO second season i feel some hype wew And music:
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