how to be a nicer person without making annoying and stupid people near you miserable, only 5 steps

1. you sell your gun (in a crisis you won't be able to use it anyway), and then you order your very own Crysis armor battle suit online. 2. you stop calling people noobs, scrubs, idiots, dwarfs, black people (why not just people?), you call every girl a princess and you let your cat sleep inside. 3. you tell your wife she can forget about children, if she wants any she will have to adapt, there is no greater goodness than Recycling in this world. 4. you understand that you're just one person, your dreams, hopes and fears are the same as anyone else, so stop worrying, life is like a box of chocolates 5. you make sure to report anyone who stops you for a random chat on the street, because they are assholes who need to learn their place, im wearing freaking headset phones for a reason you stupid really pretty girl!!, I have no time for your sexual harassment!. if I wanted love I would just hug my dog (high five all you pet lovers!) **people who get offended are the reason I offend people (LOL)**
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