My one unfilled dream

There was a "dreams" thread that got me to thinking. Normally I just accomplish anything I want in short time table that I think of dreams are impossible for me to have. But there is something I've always wanted to do: punch an elephant seal one time to see if I can KO one with a single shot. This dream has eluded me because there are usually people on the beach at the same time. Now that my daughter is a little older, she has heard me refer to them and the harbor seals as "our people" and thats what she refers to them as. She doesn't eat the seals out of the boxes of animal crackers. I think it would break her heart if I punched a seal, so no I plan to wait until she at least reaches 6 years old, the time she should start being an adult. This is a 15 year dream that constantly gets pushed back
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