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Earlier today, the team behind the Boards hosted a Q&A on the new GD board. During the Q&A we answered dozens of questions, so we felt like it'd be a good idea to recap the discussion here. There are a few we didn't include, so [check out the full Q&A]( if you missed out. Otherwise, enjoy this special edition Q&A recap and please feel free to share any feedback you have for the team. --- > [I Am Tolan]( asked: “Why can’t we upvote/downvote OPs? I like seeing massive 3k upvote threads.” > > [Sweet]( responded: “So the logic behind no upvote/downvote for OPs is two-fold. The original implementation of it within the forums was intended for the community to self-moderate in light of limited moderation resources. Now that we have a dedicated mod team and a way to report threats/comments there isn't a huge necessity to include the same mechanism. Second, the upvote/downvote was included in other sections of the boards to work alongside hot/best sorting options, something that GD won’t have due to the nature of how and why we built it.” --- > [Rule 34]( asked: “Are ranked badge rewards going to be implemented for the new GD in the future, or are those being cut as visual clutter/other reasons?” > > [Krylhos]( chimed in: “Currently we have support for the first and second seasons. There were some problems getting all of the season 3 badges imported initially, but we plan on remedying that. We also plan on supporting the 2014 season badges. --- > [Splendid Pie]( asked: “What do you intend to do about persistent rulebreakers that spam smurfs to circumvent bans? Also votebots, though I suppose removing the votes on the OP does neuter their influence.” > > [Tamat]( replied: “TL;DR - We plan to use fire. Hot, tasty fire. ;) > > Seriously though, this has been a big problem in the old forums that we plan to eradicate here in the Boards. This all starts with a set of rules that guides our moderation team and players alike. There should never be a time going forward that something is deleted because we don't like it, or because someone is in a bad mood. If content is not violating the Universal Rules, then it stays. If it's still problematic, then we can add rules, but for the most part, we're pretty confident that the rules make it clear what's cool, and what's not. Content that violates the rules will be deleted. If it's serious enough, punishment will be issued. > > As for spam smurfs, votebots, etc. We're hoping that 24/7 moderation coverage, in addition to a reporting system and some of the other discovery tools that our moderators use. If we find that's not sufficient, then we have the ability to develop automated solutions to help battle this kind of behavior. Long story short, this kind of behavior is a problem, and we're 1000% dedicated to combating it as part of our service to you.” --- > [Hex Ghost]( “What are your plans to recolor this board?” > > [Sweet]( “Although there may be minor alterations to the color scheme, overall there won't be huge changes in the near term. Let me highlight some reasons why and the thought process behind it. > > * **Minimizing attention to an application/platform and maximizing focus on content (images, media, formatted text)** In general, individuals focus on brighter areas on darker backgrounds and dark themes bring forth focus on content instead of the overall platform and its window. > > * **The color of the text in combination with the background color is actually very purposeful as there is research around the best combination of colors.** The two best being light non-white background with off-gray text and dark blue/black backgrounds with yellow text. The latter pulling slightly ahead for web. The common thought is that white background + black text is best however this is due largely in part to the legacy of how we as a society transitioned from print, magazines to web, digital. It can take some getting used to however as we are very accustomed to black on white text and it has therefore created a very real preference bias. > > * **In dark environments, light backgrounds can strain the eyes especially in low light environments.** > > * **Accessibility is of high priority and concern to us**. Some individuals have eye-sight problems and can only read high contrast text. Light on dark is higher contrast than dark on light for them. It's about finding a balance though and we are still striving to find the perfect combination.” > > [Bear Hat Alice]( added to Sweet’s answer: “To add to what Riot Sweet said, while we have no plans to support multiple color schemes in the near future you are able to take control of your browser and override our color schemes. You can create a user stylesheet for the boards using a browser extension like Stylish for Firefox or Stylebot for Chrome and recolor the boards to your liking.” --- > [Dances]( unleashed a barrage of questions that [Sweet]( answered one by one. > > [Dances]( is it true that due to the added draw of power for these new forums you've upgraded from hamster wheels to poro wheels? > > [Sweet]( No Poros were harmed in the marking of these Boards. We believe in Poro rights. > > [Dances]( are the rumors of riot improving communication by using carrier pigeons in office true? > > [Sweet]( We used the highest of high-tech robotic pigeons for our intra-company communications. > > [Dances]( does iron stylus approve of having non parrot birds in office? > > [Sweet]( Only Parrots. > > [Dances]( what is riots feelings on sleep?if we never sleep is it okay to post here constantly? > > [Sweet]( Please post as often as you like at your own discretion. Sleep is good for you though. > > [Dances]( do we have to upvote ourselves ever time we post? (I could fix it but it feels pointless when its for everyone and i'd have to do it per post) > > [Sweet]( You do not. In GD upvotes have no bearing aside from showing how you feel about something. In the rest of the Boards we encourage voting to surface good posts or even controversial ones that are deemed worthy of discussion by the community. --- > [Zastie]( wanted to know why make a new GD instead of “fixing” the classic forums. Continuing, they said: “Why does it seem like you people at Riot are against the forums SO heavily? I can understand a personal opinion, but it's gotten so far past that. > > What was the point of making a GD section here, instead of just fixing up the real GD?" > > [Pendragon]( offered a lengthy response: “We want to build a better forum experience for players, because you deserve it. When we launched League of Legends we picked up some off-the-shelf forum software because we had no idea how big the forums and LoL were going to get. I think it was certainly the right choice at the time but over the long run there have been some pretty significant limitations that stem from that choice. > > * It’s difficult to integrate into the rest of the League of Legends experience. Remember how long we had those question mark icons? We've been plagued with account authentication issues, etc. > > * It’s extremely challenging to technically scale. It wasn't built to handle tens of thousands of concurrent readers and tens of thousands of daily posts. Forums going down whenever NA has stability issues, etc. > > * It’s extremely challenging to extend. Doing seemingly easy things like adding search that “every other forum has” would involve months of hacky engineering work and is still not incredibly reliable. The time-cost of any given feature that we’re building on this technology is a fraction of what the same work would have been on the classic forums. > > * It wasn't built to handle moderation at scale. The toolset that allows large teams of 24x7 moderators to effectively collaborate just really didn't exist in the software. And it shouldn't have because we were using it in a way that it wasn't intended to be used. > > Building our own Boards platform - while a significant effort – goes a long way towards making the future better. It allows us to build forward-looking features and functionality, and lets us experiment to find the best types of community experiences. > > Some dedicated members of the GD community aren't fans of nested comments or “hot” sorting, and we've heard you loud and clear - that’s why we've built a traditional “GD” style experience on the foundation of the Boards experience. While there will be a transition and things might look a little different, this unlocks our ability to improve GD and the rest of the community ecosystem.” --- > [Tundra Fizz]( wanted to know: “Now there is a Gameplay & Balance board, so does that mean if we see any of these types of threads we should report them as "Incorrect Board"? > > Furthermore, if people continue to make threads like these not in the Gameplay & Balance boards, will they be punished for it?” > > [Tamat]( tackled this response: “Great question! The answer is somewhat complicated because of the addition of the GD board, so please bare with me. > > First, the GD board is the wild wild west; you can literally talk about anything here. The downside to this, is that there's going to be a lot of content posted in GD that isn't going to be relevant to most people. That's ok though, because there's an ecosystem outside of GD that is intended to create communities around similar interests. In those boards, like Gameplay & Balance as you referenced, content needs to be focused around what is acceptable for the board as it's defined by the Guidelines.” --- > [Dr Ren Ex]( “Is there a current list of features that are planned, or in the talks, for the new GD board?... > Or, one that I'd absolutely die for, a "Return to Top" button? Having to scroll through this new format, with the possibility of massive ****posts of Draaaaaven faces, or spam posts with nothing but words that make no sense, are rather annoying.” > > [Sweet]( "We don't have an outward facing feature list as of right now but it does exist. We are constantly collecting feedback and iterating, then shipping new features as we finish them. So feel free to keep the suggestions coming. Specifically I will add 'Return to Top' button to our log right now as that's a very do-able request." --- > [Mitsu]( asked a question on everyone’s mind: “Paper or plastic c:” > > [Krylhos]( dropped this response: “Reusable bags.” --- > [TurulHAARP]( asked: “Can you move complete threads from the ‘old’ GD to here? Is it a complete restructure?” > > [Bear Hat Alice]( “We are not planning to move content from the old GD to the Boards, that said all of the discussions on the old Forums will remain accessible on the Forums. We are looking at the Boards as a chance for a new start!” --- > [RageCannotBePro]( wanted to know: “When should we expect the search bar to search in GD as well as the rest of the boards?” > > [Krylhos]( “Pretty soon. I can't give a specific date, but it will be in the near future. We're actively developing on this platform, and the ability to search all available boards is on the radar (not just GD, but I believe Help and Support is affected by this right now too).” > --- > [Datavore]( asks: “Though I understand the concerns about the color scheme, one of the visual features of this board really bothers me. There's this big awkward sidebar up at the top of the screen. It squeezes everything off to the right, making it all smaller and harder to read, and contains no content whatsoever this far down the page. > > Is there any way we could move, or preferably hide, this sidebar? It really detracts from the overall thread reading experience.” > > [Sweet]( answered: “The sidebar navigation seems to have a lot of empty space in GD when you scroll down, however if you visit any of the other Boards you will notice that there is a 'Riot Tracker' that appears and scrolls down with you as you read through comments — thus the necessity for the space. The persistent navigation is there to help you navigate the Boards as there isn't another location to do so currently. > > That being said, one of the benefits of the current layout the team designed is that it allows us to iterate and experiment as we need to. This layout may or may not remain the same in the future as we try out different ways of approaching it.” > --- > [Dances]( returned with another question: “thanks for replying but about the upvotes, it seems like when we post we automatically upvote ourselves; intended or no?” > > [GENEXP]( responded: “It's true and it's intended! Early on in the beta we received some feedback that prompted this feature. We found that in most cases, players who take the time to contribute also value their contribution. Because of that, we didn't want to force players to perform two actions every time they wanted to post on the boards. With that said, if you add something that you don't want to cast your vote on, clicking the up vote button again will remove the vote. Thank you!!” --- > Multiple players asked about quoting on the new GD, and Tamat and Sweet both chimed in... > > [Sweet](http://[Sweet]( saying: “We are still in-flight building out a better quoting system for both chronological view (GD) and nested view (other boards). We definitely know your pain and it’s something we’re working to fix soon.” > > [Tamat]( added, “We've seen this feedback a lot, and we had a lengthy conversation about how to make this better earlier today. The TL;DR is that we’re going to be making quoting better. We know it’s sub-par right now. I’m not sure when we’ll have updates to how this works, but we've already started talking about the work required to do so. Stay tuned!” --- > [Demonbane775]( asked: "I can't help but notice these new boards are incompatible with FEK, as it would seem. > > I'd like to point out this decision makes me highly unhappy due to the multiple highly useful features FEK presents, beyond just the fancy-shmancy avatars. > > I would honestly be thinking these new boards are pretty cool if it weren't for that." > > [Frosthaven]( weighed in: "Hey Demon, thanks for the feedback! As for compatibility, I just never scripted FEK to work with the boards at the time (don't worry there was never a secret plan to break FEK!). I'm no longer directly supervising FEK as I've stated previously, but I definitely know the pains of wanting features that aren't readily available. The great news is that we're listening to feedback from you guys to mold the boards - and that's something I can really get behind!" --- Thanks to everyone who stopped by to ask questions and dish out some delicious feedback for the team to feast on. If you missed your chance to add your insight, head over to [Boards Feedback]( (for general boards feedback) or start a discussion on the GD board here!

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