Can blitzcrank be reworked into something that is not either useless or anti-fun to play agaisnt

like yea in lane you can hide behind minions. but what about when he lands blind hooks from the jungle or over walls. or just that 1 lucky flash hook in team fights. you can only dodge for so long. an even when i play ezreal they tend to flash silence then pull me and his spell combo does so much freaking damage for having no ap. infact one game i had one get ahead an built pure ap he pulled the 600 armor malphite and nearly 1 shot him for his carry. he can be either really bad an useless aka cant land hooks or he can change a 50 min game with 1 lucky blind pull on a carry. he should be reworked into something like thresh who has clear counterplay to his hook and doesnt just pull you away from your team. and thresh dont pull you over walls or do half your hp either.
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