Beruka has some of my favorite support conversations.

Camilla and Beruka. "Hi Beruka." "Good evening. Any orders?" "No, I just wanted to talk." "If you don't have anything for me to do, I'd rather get back to what I was doing." "Fine. I order you to talk to me." "... Fuck." - Charlotte and Beruka. "Tch. Beruka. Nobody's going to ever love you if you're always such a standoffish bitch." "I really don't care. I'm here to kill people, and that's all I plan on doing." "Oh? Really now? Then I've got a little method you might not know about. It's exceptionally useful for assassinations." "I know I'm going to regret this, but go on." - Niles and Beruka. "Hey, Beruka, I've been following you recently and-" "You mean you've been *trying* to follow me recently." "... Touche." - Selena and Beruka. "Hey, Beruka. I want to know which of us is stronger. Fight me." "Please. I'm not here feed the ego of an insecure child. Go away." - She'd be my favorite even if she didn't have 70+% crit chance.
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