Titles here! Come get your Titles! Boards Titles here!

Post ITT and I'll issue you an official series of Boards Titles. ~ **JayMC**, Chronicler of Histories, Master of Shadows, Rustler of Jimmies, Chainer of Threads, and Lord of the Crusade Lands **VirginRivenMain**, Player of Cancer, Builder of Computers, and Lord of the Virgin But Not Virgin Islands **GemCrash**, Banner of Allied Champions, Sworn Nemesis of Yasuo, and Lord of the Triggered Lands **Zenithevee**, Something of Something, Advocate of Sejuani, and Lord of the Zen Post Lands **3SheetsToTheWind**, Enabler of Marksmen, Warrior of the ARAM, and Lord of the Hanging Laundry Line Isles. **L Psy Congroo**, Knower of Secret Phrases, Disciple of Chickenwrap the Shaco Faithful, and Lord of the World Line Lands **PartyPanda12**, Rater of Pain, Great Bear of the Orient, Master of Socialist Virtues, and Lord of the Zoo Lands **CLGear**, Spammer of Ear Here, Grandmaster of Off Topic Posts, and Lord of the Shitpost Foothills **NotFREEfood**, Demander of Fair Exchanges for Sustenance, Absorber of Damage, Poster of Memes, and Lord of Sustenance Lake **2ndChance**, Teller of Tales, Host of GD Events, Gatekeeper Grandmaster of the Dead, and Lord of the GD Meme Mountains **LordDusteon**, Master of Debate, Cuddler of Floofs, Hand of the Flooflord, and Warden of the Floof Hills **Latitoast**, Captain of the Weeb Army, Survivor of the Chaos Times, Tamer of Top Lane, and Lord of the Immobile Champion Isles **Daddy Issues**, Player of Champions of Great Beauty, Master of Mid Lane, Dealer of Deadly Blows, and Lord of Freud's Keep **ChickenWrap**, Master of Tortillas, Sworn Nemesis of ChOP'Gath, Conquerer of Foreign Boards, and High Septim of the Temple of Shaco **Maid of Plays**, Maid of Plays (lololol), Poster of Absentee Content, Master of the Wordless Words, and Lady of the Letter Hoarder Lands **PowerBurger**, Lover of KFC, Maker of Quick Meals, Adventurer of GD, and Lord of the Fast Food Flats **Hero of Ideals**, Hero of Ideals (lololol), Grandmaster Vampire of the Boards, Drawer of Dragons, Adventurer of GD, and Lord of the Pencil Shading Forest **Besteau**, Paramour of Darius, Grandmaster of Doodles, Lover of Mothers, and Lady of the Painted Desert of GD **The Soulforged**, Sworn Sword of the Gatekeeper Grandmaster of the Dead, Master of Metal Melodies, and Lord of the Brutal Badlands **Theorchero**, Hero of the Orcish Horde, Supporter of Trump, Pirate of the Political Posts, and Lord of Trump Hotel **Gijose**, Adventurer of the Bizarre Bog, Herald of JoJo, and Lord of the Unplaying Wilds **Raw**, Saint of Signatures, Collector of Blades, Survivor of the Chaos Times, and Lord of the Lucky Lands **Akali is SO HOT**, Blake of the Knights of Blake, Feeder of Enemy Champions, Wizard of the Boards, Demander of Side Boob Buffs, and Lord of the Handsome Hearth **MountingDread**, Tilter of Heads, Furriest of Furries, Chucker of Spears, Pillar of the Community, and Warden of GD **xXRaichopXx**, Ranger of the Great Rift Forest, Poster of Memes, Master of KDA, and Lord of Cape Meme **Odenmaru**, Vangaurd of the Ancestral Homeland, Master of Triggered Time, Terror of the Twisted Trees, and Lord of the Gaming Hinterlands **CTElephant**, Master of Winning Nao, Watcher of Bronze Fish, Master of Dungeon Crawls, Catalyst and Servant of the GD Gods, and Lord of the Tusked Plateau **Evangele**, Grandmother of GD, Maiden of Mer, Tyrant of the Tides, Warden of GD, and Lady of the Great GD Sea **NotSid**, Philosopher of Politics, Procurer of Pokemon, Assistant to the Load Lifters, and Lord of Not Final Fantasy Fjord **Mortekaiser**, Terror of Top Lane, Friend of the Orcs, Master of Armored Men, and Lord of Steel Valley **HateDaddy**, Grandfather of the Boards, Father of Hatred and Despair, Dispenser of Healing Salves, Champion of Canines, Cosplayer of Cleverness, and Lord of the Fort of Anakin Skywalker **Van Grants**, Champion of the People, Walker on the Wind, Master of Farming, Traveler of the Lands, and Lord of the Windy Tower **Colonel J**, Master of Smurfs, Lord Commander of the Weeb Army, Champion of the Crab People, Patron of Underground GD, and Sheriff of GD **BlueVestGuy**, Poster of Personal Experiences, Digger of Graves, Shield of the Meek, and Lord of the Great Cotton Sea **SilentNightSona**, Chaser of Chickens, Banner of Sona, the Faithful Lover, and the Lord of the Hall of Harps **Antiskillshot**, the Dapper Tenno, Brother of the Master Sun, Lover of Crystals, and Lord of the Land of Missed Skillshots **GamblerOfLives**, Gambler of Lives (lololol), Enemy of Technology, the Sniper of the South, Ranger of the Great Rift Forest, and Lord of the Wager Weald **Jikker**, Lady of the Corrupted Shield, Mother of the Boards, Acolyte of the Sun, Whisperer to Angels, Observer of the Silent Night Vow, and Warden of GD **Busty Demoness**, Demander of General Boob Buffs, the Marksman Demon of GD, Pirate of Political Posts, and Lord of the Voluptuous Crags **A Sword Saint**, the Saint of Swords (lololol), Knight of the Written Word, Sign of the Saber, Summoner of the Broken Winged Exile, and Lord of the Ivalice Plains **Destaice**, Champion of Clerks, the Femme Fatale of the Rift, and Lord of Convenience County **Just Jangle**, Guru of the Great Rift Forest, Master of KDA, Warden of Weeds and Herbs, and Lord of the Lonely Bandaged Bridge **Loafs of Pain**, Grandmaster of Waifus, Curator of Daily Posts, Saint of the Second Dimension, and Lord of the Animated Woods **BLU Medic**, Brigadier General of the Bandage Brigade, Master of Surgeons, the Bane of Plagues, and Lord of the Healing Highlands **Ibuki Suika**, Master of KDA, Mistress of Ale, the Twin Horned Demoness, and Lady of the Oni Isles **Laughup02**, Grandmaster of Farming, Champion of ARAM, Master of Customs, Squire to the Champion of Canines, and Lord of the Chuckling Chapel **MysteriousBooty**, the Eternal Enigma, Master of Booty, and Warden of the Unplaying Wilds **MFTheSuperVillan**, Illest of Villains, Newcomer to the Lands, Master of Bomb Tossing, and Lord of the Villainous Vault **BAPenguins**, Prince of the Penguins of Bad Ass Glacier, Wizard of the Coast, Master of Death, and Lord of the Icy Peninsula **Demon Empress**, Changer of Faces, Former Slayer of Metroids, Master of Customs, Agent of ARAM, and Lord of the Nine Hells **HmaGamer**, the Laughing Celestial Dragon, First Knight of the Knights of Meme, the Teleport Trickster, and Lord of the Meme Gardens **SkarlStoleMyTaco**, Avenger of the Lost Tacos, Wanderer of the Board Lands, Rider of Cowardly Beasts, Warden of Noxus, and Lord of Taco Bellvue **CrisisEchoes**, the Unseen Bow Assassin, Enemy of Space Aids, Bright Star of Bot Lane, and Lord of the Backtalking Crevasse **Dryad Soraka**, Ancient One, Survivor of the Chaos Times, Explorer of the Aspen Slopes, the ARAM Avenger, and Lord of the Ambulance Garage **ViceN53**, Master of Love and Hate, Roamer of the Riftlands, Master of Teleportation, and Lord of New Vice City **BoggyBuntu**, Sworn Sword of the Goddess Articuno, Sworn Nemesis of the Great Down Vote Bot, Master of Customs, the Uplifted Exile, and Warden of GD **Player Vehicle**, Carriage of the Players (lololol), Ranger of the Great Rift Forest, Sacred Protector of the Ninja, Friend of Dragons, and Lord of the Endless Highway **Escheton**, the Stalwart Defender, Master of Death, Smuggler of Toxins, and Lord of the Madman's Laboratory **Vei**, King Floolflord, Grandmaster of Eeveelution, Master of KDA, Saint of Potatoes, and Lord of the Floof Hills **ELO Guy**, Most Infamous Outlaw of GD, Master of KDA, Master of Farming, the Reaving Rover of the Board Lands, and Lord of Ladder Castle **Arduno**, Master of Maniacal Laughs, Asker of Poll Questions, Epitome of Evil, and Lord of the Darkest GD Timeline Dimension **GlobDaBlob**, High Priest of the True Divine, Master of Foxy Body Pillows, Knight of the ARAM, and Lord of the Temple District
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