So why is dynamic better than solo queue?

As in, why not just go back to the old system and work on improving it instead of the mess we're currently in? Maybe this was answered somewhere that I haven't seen, but so far it seems the only things are "people want to play with friends" and the big one according to Riot is "toxicity has decreased drastically". If the latter is the big issue, why not go back to solo queue and just work on reducing toxicity in other ways? Furthermore I don't actually believe this to be true. Your "data" may show less toxicity, but that's skewed because you're probably basing that off of how many reports of toxicity you're getting. In actuality, 4 man premades are often very, very toxic, but nobody is going to report their friends, so you see less reports, and therefore believe that the levels of toxicity has lowered, when that's not the case at all (I actually think the opposite is true. Premades ganging up on the odd man out are extremely commonplace). You can't just make decisions based on your "data", you need to actually play the game...which is why you should listen to the player base and their suggestions. On the flip side, what exactly was wrong with solo queue? In what ways has dynamic queue positively affected solo players? This last one is something I'm really struggling to see, and it doesn't seem right at all to just ignore solo players entirely, and should be taken into consideration. At the moment it seems solo players are being told "find a team / friends to play with or too bad" and maybe that's not the case, but we need to know WHY that's not the case. Just because something looks one way on paper does not make it so. Please no "because Riot is stupid" or anything similar, I need legit answers and mature discussion here. Summed up: Why not just go back to solo queue? What was wrong with solo queue? How does dynamic queue positively affect solo players? (Because if it's to be favored over the old system, it should)
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