Sundays were nice since it was Re: Zero day, animu/waifu thread btw

but now i dont really know what to do on sundays so today lets just remember Rem, maidkini are new for me but honestly, you have to admit that the image quality is great Anyway, "cute" monster grills for tomorrow and today i dont really have anything special to talk about since i still havent started any animu from this season but im planning to do it today IBO second season is out tho so its something im looking forward to oh and yesterday i finished Macross Delta, Macross has been always about music and that stuff and tbh I dont really care, i enjoy the robot fights but with Delta i actually enjoyed some of the OST(wont post any because it might be hard to find a song) also the ending wasnt great but at least it was k I was hoping for something more but well they just flew and it was over, i hate when those kind of things happen but its macross and those things happen music btw and im pretty sure i posted this one before but its still good
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