Remake system is obviously flawed

Yeah just the title, At the beginning of the game our Support was AFK in Base (we didnt notice) and we caught the enemy jungler out of position and got to our lanes. Then I realised that we had an AFK and he wouldnt be in time for the laning phase. After about 2 Minutes into the game he disconnected. We thought we are fine because we are obviously now able to /Remake the game but the system seem to have some serious flaws. Due to that I am 2vs1 at Bot without the possibility leave the game. Doenst need to mention that the enemy toplaner was laughing about that fact quite heavily... Why are we not able to remake even if we are drawing first blood? At least let it check if the Person AFK participated in that First Blood kill. In my opinion if you put such a system in place it should work in any circumstances. Was quite a frustrating experience... If needed I can provide the replay. Cheers
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