You Guys need to Learn Forbidden Jutsu

Human behavior dictates that weak people form communities for acceptance and protection. This is why gangs, activist groups, and the Akasuki were formed. It's obvious that you people are very fearful and have come together. I don't know if it were to seek protection as pervy senseis or if there's more. It's almost sad in a way how you cling to each other for acceptance. How you make "these are my genin friends" threads as if they were real ninjas. It's sad how when you don't like something, you mention yourselves as a group. As if you people have no confidence individually. Look, I can give you the answer to your problem. Forbidden Jitsu or some other form of secret technique. I can tell you, I have never felt uncomfortable any place I've been to, or rely the need for group protection. Why? Because I know I can chidori through just about anyone I come in to contact with. I guarantee you it will give you more confidence in who you are too so you don't have to seek acceptance from other pervy senseis or whatever. You'll believe in yourself and be able to stand on your own. Self belief is a beautiful thing and would like to see more of you have it.
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