Key Fragment Drops for ARAM and TT

Hey, all! We mentioned in the 6.6 patch notes that key fragments are currently not dropping in all matchmade games. We’re rolling out a test on PBE fixing key fragment drops for ARAM wins and TT wins. Assuming everything works, we’ll be on track to implement the fix in the next patch. For the min maxers out there, we’ve tuned the drop rates to be the same across game modes based on a number of factors such that it’s not easier to earn fragments in any specific mode even though game lengths are shorter. So dive into some Murder Bridge mayhem and let us know if you’re earning key fragments for your victories. Of course, key fragment drops are rare, so they won’t pop up after every win. GLHF, and we’ll see you in the Twisted Treeline and on the Howling Abyss on PBE.
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