found out i've been using an extremely over rated mouse that is actually not very good for gaming

the corsair m65 RGB, it felt okay, medium sized mouse, had to use a finger / palm hybrid grip on it, never really felt as great at FPS and other games as i used to be, and decided to see what everyone was using, and lo and behold i see a ton of youtube videos where people say they got burned by websites being paid to say the corsair m65 mouse is the best mouse for fps that there ever was, and i went through their various personal favorite mice, and ended up going with a razer deathadder chroma large mouse good for big hands, one of the best most accurate sensors you can get, decent feel to it, looks just fine, has useable side buttons, software is okay, very customizeable, can make y axis and x axis different sensitivities, you may ask, "why the hell would i want that" well for me personally, i have a huge 1440 monitor and it seems to be a strain to get from one side to the other but top to bottom is pretty fast, so i set something like 2000dpi y axis, and 2600 x axis i really need to start doing what the pros do though and learning like 800 dpi speeds with more total arm movement, supposedly it's the best way to be accurate according to doublelift, but for now i just do basically write flicks to send the cursor all over Good mouse, i like the look of the mamba tournament edition more and the ability to go wireless or wired, but for whatever reason everyone seems to like this mouse more and i am tired of being burned by going for aesthetically pleasing mice rather than ones that just are solid good mice.
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