Quacks like a duck, must be a train! Trump at it again

https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-bars-us-press-085800988.html bans the American media during his meetings with Russian ambassadors but lets the Russian media into the whitehouse. hueheuehuehueheueheuheueheuheueheuheuheueheuhe also for those who aren't aware and to avoid confusion based off the fact I happen to lean left. The Russian media, and the American media, are assumed to be full of spies and strange contacts for groups conservatives are not fond of. You think CNN is fake news? Some thing Russia influences CNN just like how the Saudi royals influence Fox News. So what about this spy business? Well lets just cut to the chase and say that during World War 2 and during the Cold War it was a common thing for state operatives to apply for journalism positions in most parts of the world especially in Russia where even priests would commonly be connected somehow to the state as an operative.
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