Something something coffee something request animu/waifu thread :^)

Now tbh i couldnt really find lots of grill enjoying a good cup of coffee but I found some nice coffee related pics so yeah i went for that and holy crap, at least it was 10% easier than finding cute monster grills pics which will be posted tomorrow btw...maybe on monday cause im thinking about something else for tomorrow, meh ill think about it btw new animu season is here and so far i havent watched anything so i cant really say if its going to suck or not but ill be honest and say that bubuki buranki isn't really helping :^) canned coffee Ill watch it anyway since i finished the first season im not expecting anything from it tho and since i dont know shit about this season ill also watch Vivid Strike but of course fuck prequels I wont be watching any Lyrical Nanoha just to watch that smh , all i can really say about its tagline is "Thou shalt not be afraid, I am with you."(thanks MAL for giving me this info) and yeah hope i can finish some stuff tonight and watch animu nothing here tbh Btw today i have boats music, no not that kind of boats, animu boats 2 songs both related in other words: 2 songs 1 story need to read them subs to know what they are talking about
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