So there was an accident right in front of my store today..

Some young guy in a truck rear ended some lady in a car, and so that caused emergency vehicles to block off the road while the crews worked to clear the scene and transport the woman to hospital, as it appears she suffered from whiplash. But there was this one lady that came in through drive thru and immediately started with "you guys know your drive thru is blocked!" At first I didn't hear her properly, so she repeated "there's a fire truck blocking the entrance!!" So I said "ah, well there was an accident right in front of the store, so I guess they're blocking off parts of the road so they can work safely to clear the scene." So.. instead of being a reasonable human being, she decided to complain to me about it, saying "well it's very inconvenient!!" Like.. I'm sorry, but when did fried chicken become more important than an emergency incident like a car crash? I plainly told her there was nothing I could do about it and that we were going to give emergency crews all the space they needed to work. Seriously.. what did she expect me to do about it? Did she want me to go out and get the fire dpt to move their truck? Nope. Not happening! Some people...
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