The End Times, The Final Chapter of GD.

#Latest Installment (Boards Feedback: Completed) --- Is everything in place, Dillon? Of course, master Wookiecookie. Excellent. Make the post. *Dillon hits the large "Post Discussion" button.* Good, now we wait. *Meanwhile...* Did you see it? Aye. What do you propose we do? I don't think there's anything we **can** do... No, we'll do what we always do. Try to take over the world? Think smaller scale. I'm in this story too. Try to make Riot see logic and reason? That never works, but it's always worth a shot. Agreed, let's see what we can do. *And so our group set off, heading out to see what they could do to stop the evil Wookiecookie and his henchman, ADillonMostDirty* *To be Continued...*
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