Full League of Legends Sexuality List

A list of the most likely sexualities of every league champ. Using Neutral for anything without sexual preferences instead of asexual, since it would get crossed with the biological definition. Aatrox: Pansexual, most likely doesn't care about gender, just the sexual thrill of war (and kinky BDSM stuff) Ahri: Bisexual, we've ALL seen enough art to know this Akali: Straight, she got them eyes for Shen and Zed you know? Alistar: Straight Amumu: Neutral, died too young, most dead champs wouldn't have a preference forwarning Anivia: Asexual, Anivia is a strong black woman who ain't need no hawk Annie: fuk off %%%%s Ashe: Straight, her arrow flies straight, just like her sexuality Azir: Straight, into some weird sivir incest tho, reminds him of his late-wife Blitzcrank: Neutral, he only has feelings for different champions, but no romantic ones, good at helping others though Brand: Neutral, after he was no longer human, he has no need for such feelings Braum: Homosexual, He prefers the company of men like Gragas and Tryndamere Caitlyn: Lesbian, Has a thing with Vi Cassiopeia: Straight, she isn't as socialable anymore, but she still prefers men, and with her new snake body, she has found she can do some interesting things with her tail~ She does have a bit of a thing for Sivir, something involving lots of toys and prodding, probably just some hatefucking (pls no banarino) Cho'gath: Unknown. it is unknown if he needs to reproduce, or if he wants to, all we really know is he wants to eat. Corki: Homosexual, he has a small crush on Heimerdinger, it's why he followed him to the League Darius: Pansexual, whatever he can dominate, he will hatefuck (am i allowed to use this word?) Diana: Homosexual, Although she hates the Solari for subjugating her, all she really wants is to be accepted "No more lies" "Deny me no longer!" Dr.Mundo: Homosexual: "Mundo go this way!" Draven: Too Narcissistic to have a normal sexuality, his fetish tho is self-cest. Elise: Bisexual, into LB and Vlad for example, she doesn't really care in mate genders, she just wants to sacrifice them to her spider god after she seduces them. Evelynn: Straight, a widow-maker Ezreal: Canonically straight for Lux, that is all, don't bother memeing this in the thread pls. Fiddlestick: Neutral Fiora: Straight, she is French, so careful of all that hair down there Fizz: Straight, unless we are talking about the GDers who are bisexual and gay. Galio: Neutral Gangplank: Straight, he defines "loot, rape, and pillage" Garen: Straight, Demacians are pretty right winged, and since he was raised to be a hero, he pretty much lives by sociatal standards. It's why his feelings for Kat give him such conflicting feelings as a pureblood demacian Gnar: Neutral, too young for those that don't remember, probably straight once he ages though, mostly giving into his base rage hormones. Gragas: Straight, he is a real womanizer, don't trust him near women, he is a terrible man when sober. Graves: Bisexual, he does love a beautiful woman in a bar, but he does go gay purely for TF Hecarim: Unknown, depends on if he is actually alive or not, not enough to know about him. Heimerdinger: Straight, he doesn't pursue romance though, too busy with work Irelia: Neutral, She was straight before she died though Janna: Bisexual, She just needs to see the money first Jarvan 4: Neutral, He is too emotionally distant and scarred to actually understand feelings of romance, poor Shyvana :( Jax: Bisexual, "Who wants a piece of the champ?!" "Who wants a piece of the champ?!" He also only lasts three strokes, but he can still go hard over and over again anyways. Jayce: Straight, he just loves all the pretty women and showing off to them Jinx: Lesbian, crushes on Vi senpai Kalista: Neutral, she is a ghost now, but she was straight when alive Karma: Straight, likes Lee Sin Karthus: Neutral, he does have a massive boner tho Kassadin: Straight, he just gets confused for homosexual with that outfit all the time Katarina: Straight, she likes to ride on top tho Kayle: Unknown, too obsessed with her Sister Kennen: Neutral, He is concerned with balance above else Kha'Zix: Neutral, He likes to eat everyone Kog'maw: Neutral, he likes to eat things Leblanc: Bisexual, if it wants to bang, she bangs. But don't be surprised to end up in tons of chains LeeSin: Straight, he is too deep into his monk ways to pursue love though, he suppresses those feelings so he can focus with his other sense. Leona: Cloest Homosexual: Is actually both attracted to and in love with Diana, but thanks to her Solari and Rakkor teachings, plays the role as the radiant dawn quite well, against her true feelings of love. Lissandra: Neutral, Frozen blood, no working hormones for desire, she was probably a man-hating feminist during her living days. Lucian: Straight, waifu dead rip Lulu: Mentally/Physically hasn't matured enough, also fuk u %%%%s Lux: Straight, she likes that showboat Ezreal and thinks he is cute Malphite: Neutral, always hard tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Malzahar: Neutral, too void obsessed, he does love a good prodding though so who knows. Maokai: Neutral, he is a freaking magic tree MasterYi: Straight, "Wu-ju give me that booty" MissFortune: Pansexual, a bit of a dirty flirt, not afraid of a long mast or some scissoring. Mordekaiser: Neutral Morgana: Unknown, she is really obsessed with Kayle, enough to cut familial ties ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) who knows why~~ Nami: Straight, she just wants to save her people Nasus: Neutral, he is a demigod with no such need to seek such partners Nautilus: Neutral, just a suit of armor with tons of hate pretty much Nidalee: Bisexual, completely lust bound by her libido, any partner will do to satisfy Nocturne: Neutral who knows wut Nunu: Neutral, too young, Willump is straight though Olaf: Straight, a strong man seeking a glorious death, does occasionally enjoy the violent coitus with Sejuani sometimes, one of the only women to handle his bloodlust Orianna: Neutral, wishes she could understand human desires Pantheon: He wishes for Leona, but she doesn't return his favors, he is okay with this though, and is very focused on the glory of combat Poppy: Homosexual, likes to give a good pounding with her self made tools Quinn: Pansexual, she has some rather... strange tastes... Rammus: Neutral, being a spiky armadillo has it's drawbacks Reksai: Straight, only if needing to produce offspring will she seek a mate though Renekton: Neutral, a bit of a bro-con though Rengar: Straight, probably a rapist though, no one asked for this Riven: Bi, because lesbihonest she is like Mulan in noxian form Rumble: Straight. Love triangle with Trist, and Teemo Ryze: Straight, all that porn locked away in his scroll tho... he tends to overload his pants too often Sejuani: Straight, normally a dominatrix, although she has met her match in Olaf Shaco: Unknown, probably literally self-sex all day Shen: Straight, wants Akali's thighs Shyvana: Straight, wants to love J4, but that's far from happening Singed: Neutral, he cares for no life Sion: Neutral, he ded Sivir: Bisexual, gotta make money somehow you know? Skarner: Unknown, what could his "kind" mean? Sona: Straight, we assume as far as she doesn't really speak really Soraka: Bisexual, she is realllllly horny (dont kill me pls) Swain: Straight, bit of a bird fker tho Syndra: Straight, she is really good with balls yo Talon: Straight, really good at getting behind them and silencing them, weird kink Taric: Neutral/undecided, is actually in the middle of a gender change Teemo: Straight, love triangle etc Thresh: Straight(?), Loves hookers like Lucian's wife Tristana: See Teemo/Rumble Trundle: Straight, just loves pillar-ing the ladies Tryndamere: Straight, dat ASHE Twisted Fate: Homosexual, loves graves and money. and money. Twitch: Straight, I guess Udyr: Straight, although he is in love with backdooring... Urgot: Neutral, also Neutered. Varus: Neutral, was straight before his curse, but he lost his member... Vayne: Straight, but she is mostly a night prowler, looking more to party rather than settle Veigar: Neutral, prefers killing small creatures to carnal desires Velkoz: Neutral, He will equally assault anything with tentacles though. Vi: homosexual, she is actually really gentle once the gloves comes off surprisingly... Viktor: Neutral, all he wants to do is make robots Vladimir: Pansexual: He wants that blood Volibear: Straight, he just a bear doe Warwick: Straight, its not about the result, more the thrill of the hunt tho Wukong: Straight, hard for him to get his rod max length against the male champions. Ezreal is very confusing for him though. Xerath: Neutral, literally energy Xin Zhao: Straight, wants to spear and knock up ladies, not quite the same for him on males Yasuo: Straight, wants to hatefuck Riven Yorick: Neutral, ded Zac: Asexual, reproduces by budding Zed: Bisexual, torn on his feelings of Shen and Akali and his hate for the old order of ninja. Ziggs: Straight, into bombs more tho Zilean: Neutral, was too into time, never knew, and as is in the league currently, is too old to have such feelings. Zyra: Straight, essentially a female plant, she will most likely seek pollination in some chemically and bodily confusing first time sex.
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