G2 Dissapoints.

Ok, I can already hear the hate I'm going to get from this thread, but I'm TIRED of everyone saying G2 Is really good! Top tier team! To me it's just like the IMT Hype, they can do fine in the regular split, and G2 is better than IMT, And can win their split finals, but to me even in their regular seasons, for both IMT, And G2, They looked really sloppy, when everyone else, like the casters, say they are smooth, and well-playing, I never understood how IMT could go 16-2, 17-1, Or how G2 could do the same and win their splits, Honestly, I went with the crowd on worlds pick-em, but I put G2 3rd instead of second, because I thought, yeah, a wild-card may do badly, but my first guess was G2 Fourth place. If anyone can explain the hype of G2, Or IMT, Please do, because I just don't see it, and I think they're just a bad team. {{champion:32}}
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