MEMEME! Champion Idea

Champion: MEMEME! This champion is inspired by the MEMEME! video. **Wet - Passive** MEMEME! ramps up movement speed to a 30% cap while moving through water. **Squirt - Q-** Squirts a lemon the targeted enemy's eye blinding them for 2 seconds and dealing (20, 30, 35, 40) + .4%AP in magic damage **Creampie -W-** Launches a creampie at a targeted location dealing (30, 50, 80, 100) + .5%AP in magic damage to all enemies **Consume -E-** Feasts on low health minions granting MEMEME 30% movement speed and restoring 20% of max health. **Otaku Obliteration -R-** Focuses on a single enemy ~~weeb~~ champion and does 100% of their health bar in damage this is also a joke.
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