R.I.P. League of Legends...

You may or may not have heard this hot topic going around. Many streamers and Youtubers have offered their opinions, but I feel many of them may have sugarcoated things because they still have a financial incentive to continue playing and streaming League of Legends (despite them admitting to now playing more Overwatch). However, it is my opinion that League of Legends has been on the decline for the last 2 seasons and has loss it's competitive edge. **Check out how Overwatch will not use a tier system. Each player will actually be gaining a skill rating. This is crucial for SOLO PLAYERS in a TEAM GAME. Player who do well, regardless of win or loss, should still be rated (and rewarded for receiving a good rating) for their great play. http://www.itechpost.com/articles/21001/20160620/new-overwatch-competitive-mode-overwatch-competitive-mode-features-gameplay-overwatch-competitive-mode-features-new-overwatch-competitive-mode-revealed-surpasses-league-of-legends.htm I find it unfortunate that many players are eager to get out of Bronze, only to discover that Silver (and Gold as I'm hearing) isn't any better than Bronze. Players still lack a winning understanding of the game. I think this is largely due to the Ranked system not being based on skill and doesn't accurately gauge one's knowledge or game mechanics. For ex., a player who has Mastery 6 or 7 may still miss routine skill shots, not understand positioning in lane/during team fights, lack winning strategies, or have a negative win ratio. I do not claim to be the best at this game. For that reason alone, I would like the comfort of knowing when I play ranked that: 1.) I am playing my best to better help my team 2.) I play a champion I feel comfortable with 3.) That I am learning from my mistakes and improving 4.) Being matched with players of similar or greater skill that will provide the best chance of victory in a close competitive match. With the introduction of Dynamic Queue, finding fair matches have become more difficult due to players either being boosted, not skilled in their preferred role, and/or with their selected champ. I think the best way for me to share my experience would be to provide an analysis of one of my recent matches. Currently in Silver 5, I am on a losing streak from 80 LP to 0. I've been under the assumption that I should get demoted any loss now. To counteract that, I have been playing my best or better win ratio champs at a consistent skill level, however I have been unable to make it out of laning phase to better help my team. Here is a visual of what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/f3o0c6h.png?1[/img] This game ended in 22 mins, destroyed Nexus, no surrender. The final score was 24 to 8. As a player, it's unfortunate that I was only able to contest one dragon and never had a chance to make it into the enemy jungle. I didn't have enough to buys boots until after both Top and Mid was pushed to our base towers. Riot (and other players) like to use the excuse that we all have bad games. That's understandable. However in Ranked, multiple players should not have more than 3 deaths before 10 minutes. That's not a bad game. That's a lack of skill. Look at the items, gold, and level differences. I'll never understand why some player play champs they have poor KDAs with. Update (6/20/16): As I've been saying, my experiences with this year's Ranked Dynamic Queue hasn't been the best. In this match, at least 3 of the player's on my team had Level 5 Masteries with their champs. At least two of the players were grouped. Look at the difference in levels, gold, and most specifically the deaths on my team. My first death was from being ganked by 3-4 players on the enemy team. No one pinged (which didn't bother me.) However, no one pushing their lanes to the tower is what annoyed me. As usual there's the occasional toxic players. I had to deal with the entire team talking trash to me about picking Teemo into a Vlad, yet I'm the only one who was winning their lanes before I was collapsed on. For all those who choose to talk trash about my play or builds without constructive advice are not welcomed here. My experience is MY EXPERIENCE. I didn't create these stats. http://i.imgur.com/ZfdEXOc.jpg?2[/img] Update (6/21/16): I included a link at the top of this thread that shows what Overwatch is doing with their "Competitive Mode." I tried the Overwatch beta. It's a cool game. However, I do like League of Legends as a MOBA game. However, I do not think the tier system, ELO system, MMR system, Champion Mastery system, Dynamic Queue system (or whatever solutions are being offered today) is not effective.
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