I legit think Camille is the first champion in this game with an almost zero compromise kit...

The only thing that she "compromises" is that she's melee instead of ranged. Big whoop. Outside of your team having a sufficiently long enough knockback (incredibly uncommon by the way) she's got no weaknesses at all. You can't really abuse her well in lane because built in sustain... for some reason. Ranged can't abuse her because she'll gapclose you and burst you. You can't play anything remotely squishy against her because she'll call literally anyone up and stop you from moving while you just take it. You can't play melees against her because she'll just walk up and win every trade with Q. You can't kite her because she gets free MS plus her gapclose stun might as well not have a CD. And even if you do get around all that she gets a free shield for hitting you, how exciting. This is probably the least thought out release since aatrox.
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