Traditional D&D Roleplaying Seems To Be Dead

It's bad enough that it's extremely rare to find an active roleplaying group virtually anywhere in person as an adult. But it's even worse when you consider it's downright impossible to find one that's actually interested in the roleplaying aspect of the game and playing characters with interesting backstories, quirks and flaws. Rather than the "I'mma Wizard with 18 base INT that nukes the boss in one hit". Or "I'mma Rogue with 18 base DEX that nukes the boss in one hit". Even THEN, you find an active roleplaying group in your area as an adult, they are actually interested in building unique, creative characters with a purpose instead of a ball of Min/Maxed Stats...and they want to be morally ambiguous and/or evil characters because they've been roleplaying for years and are tired of the generic "heroes go adventuring" tropes of a traditional rpg campaign. You just can't freaking win.
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