Vayne, this is just a memory, what you do here won't change anything. This is just the past.

It was the final hour of the night. A cool moist breeze blew by as Vayne and Zilean waited in the dark at the park. {{champion:67}} It sure is taking Quinn a long time to get here. It's already midnight and she's nowhere to be found. {{champion:26}} Vayne, don't you remember? {{champion:67}} Remember what? I have no time for nonsense. {{champion:26}} Quinn isn't going to show up because she passed. I remember things that you don't remember. {{champion:67}} That doesn't make any sense I was just... Zilean interrupted Vayne and placed his hand on her forehead. {{champion:26}} Vayne. let me show you what happened. Let me show you what I remember. Vayne agreed. She closed her eyes for a second and felt weightless. When she opened her eyes again, she was in the brightly lit living room of her house. Vayne looked and saw Quinn standing next to her and realized that Quinn was talking. {{champion:133}} I don't know Vayne. Valor and I were there last night, and we didn't see anything. Who or what were you trying to hunt? {{champion:67}} I... Before Vayne could finish saying anything, A man wearing a hood over his head, and a stripped cape on his back walked in through the front door. He casually walked toward to Quinn in a non threatening manner. {{champion:133}} Why are you here? The man said nothing. Suddenly he blinked behind Quinn and thrusted a sharp blade all the way through her. Vayne could see the other end of the blade sticking through Quinn's stomach. Quinn gasped. Quinn became limp and fell. In an instant the hooded man became invisible and vanished right in front of Vayne's eyes. Vayne quickly caught Quinn before she fell. Blood was gushing out everywhere. Vayne pushed a towl into the hole, but it only slowed the blood. {{champion:67}} Quinn stay with me! Vayne shouted, but Quinn didn't respond. Vayne placed her fingers on the side of Quinn's neck. She felt a weak but very fast pulse. Just as Vayne was about to try to get help. Zilean spoke. {{champion:26}} Remember, this is just a memory of something that already happened. A recollection of the past. This isn't actual time travel. Nothing you do here will change what has already happened. Vayne stood up. wiped a tear from her eye and let out a sigh. {{champion:67}} You're right, I can't do anything about this. Just take us back. It was the final hour of the night. A cool most breeze flew by as Vayne and ZIlean stood there in the dark at the park.
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