FACTIONS ā€” Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread

http://i.imgur.com/dJUwIiR.jpg *Site: [LeagueFactions.net](http://LeagueFactions.net)* Read on for more information, or **[click here to sign up and hit the Fields of Justice.](http://leaguefactions.net/factions-sign-up/)** **[Factions](http://LeagueFactions.net)** is a community game mode modeled after Riot's original "Ionia versus Noxus" tournament. It centers around faction versus faction matches fought with faction-specific Champion lists. It's definitely not perfectly balanced, and that's kind of the point: the limited rosters give factions different in-game personalities, and encourage each faction's Summoners to work together to develop faction-specific strategies. (I found that playing Factions helped me understand team comps better.) Matches are scored, and the storyline evolves based on how the factions fare in their battles against one another. Whether you like lore, enjoy strategic theorycrafting, or just want a break from solo queue, come join us and play a few. As an added bonus, you're still a Summoner in the Factions universe. # [What's Factions?](http://LeagueFactions.net) http://i.imgur.com/wIOD1Et.jpg Factions leverages the League of Legends setting to put Summoners (us) into the story, using actual match outcomes to determine the path the story takes. Each Factions storyline runs for about three months, and features a different set of playable factions with their own **[Champion rosters.](http://leaguefactions.net/faction-rosters/) You begin by declaring your support for a given faction for the course of the arc. Then, you can start or join a match anytime, and begin playing a part in how the story plays out. Results are submitted online for scoring, with adjusts applied to maintain fairness even if one side ends up with higher-ranked Summoners than the other. Factions gain points from wins and lose points from losses. The sum of these match outcomes is noted on a scoreboard of sorts, the **[Balance of Power](http://i.imgur.com/wIOD1Et.jpg)**, which ultimately determines the arc winner. # [Sign Up](http://leaguefactions.net/factions-sign-up/) http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100917003131/leagueoflegends/images/9/98/Institute_of_War.jpg Sign up here. Signing up doesn't obligate you to participate in any particular matches: you can start or join a match anytime you like. We break it up into story arcs, each lasting a few months and featuring a different set of playable factions fighting over something different. Not every faction is in every arc; this is mostly to make it easier to get matches going. However, don't worry: you can change factions freely when the next arc starts. Post in this thread after signing up. This is a simple and reliable way to verify that you aren't (e.g.) signing Dyrus up for Bilgewater, unless you're actually Dyrus. To answer a frequently asked question: **faction declarations only last for the arc in which they are made.** While we don't (generally) allow people to swap factions mid-arc, when this arc ends you will be released from your oath, free to sign up for any faction you like in the next storyline. # [Lore](http://leaguefactions.net/lore) http://i.imgur.com/ZcFrkPX.jpg Factions isn't just a game mode: it's also a lore initiative that provides a framework for an ongoing, evolving story. Some people say that it's impossible to have a real storyline with the League of Legends around; we like to think that we've provided **[some evidence to the contrary.](http://LeagueFactions.net/lore)** # [Factions Chat](http://leaguefactions.net/chat/) http://i.imgur.com/QIlM68r.jpg Our in-client chat is **Factions**. If Factions is full, try Factions2. If you're looking to get into a game, your best bet is to join your faction's specific chat, e.g.: * DEMACIA * IONIA All skill levels are welcome. And remember: signing up doesn't commit you to any particular matches; it simply allows you to start or join a scored match anytime you like.

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