Gameplay actually wants Moonflair Spellblade to be added to Summoner's Rift...

You know, the item that gives 50 AP, 50 Armor, 50 MR and Tenacity... for 2500g... Their reasoning? "durr, ap itemzation lack an ap armor item LUL xDDD" "maw shouldn't give armor pen cuz assassins are still broken LOL" "AP mages are still weak LOL" ... ... ... ... they have an AP armor cdr item that is relatively cheap that also has one the best actives in the whole fucking game {{item:3157}} and they still ask for something like that? they also have a high MR, mid AP item that also grants cdr AND reduces the magic resist to enemies around you {{item:3001}} and they thin their itemization doesn't make them enough tanky? {{item:3116}} which fucking gives 400 health, 100 ap and the most fucking broken slows in the game {{item:3027}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3151}} ... I'm so fucking done with this mage biased community LMAO
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