And that was the story on how...animu/waifu thread btw

Emilia became Rem Interesting, seems like every character is walking down that path Rem is a qt tho :^) Now why am i posting 2 Rem pics? cause i still got Rem pics and i need to use them Now that Re:Zero animu is over and im almost sure there is not going to be such thing as second season(hope im wrong) i guess ill have to start reading the mango which is a pain at least for me because i dont like reading mango but Re:Zero might be worth it hmmmmm btw final episode was k or something like that best part was that it went back to the first ending, i fucking love that song, i know love is a strong word but i like it ¯\\\_(惄)_/¯ Now that Summer season is over im a bit scared of what aberrations will fall season bring, all i know right now is that i should start watching Working! because new season And now some music still one of my fav Youmu's theme arrange
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