Never use your real name or tell anyone what state you are from

Your privacy is at hand. Since 2005 it has been a growing problem. Now - the problem just got much bigger than it ever has. Leaving your name, or even a first name, with the hint of where you live. Will cause your privacy to be violated. Especially if there are much violent people online today - they can do a quick search of your name, and all of your personal information will be giving. That includes where you live, who you are related too, your criminal background, your work history, where you use to work, and where you* live*. Notice I repeated "where you live" twice. Yes - with just your first name, ANYONE can access all your information. So I suggest everyone stop adding random people on your Facebook, stop giving out your name, stop giving out your location that includes city, and state. How easy is it to access all this information? It only takes about 5 minutes. And it's just a click of a button. That means anyone who knows how to work a simple computer, can access your information.
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