[]( 98% Less bugs I haven't had a single problem loading avatars so far Avatars load consistently between moving between pages, and making a post Avatars are now linked to an ID, so you don't lose yours when you change your name Other awesome stuff Reason why it's 4.0 and not 3.X is because I literally rewrote the entire thing from the ground-up. --- F.E.K. 4.0 Panel The guys over in the Roleplaying Board have wanted Riot to make them appear in the navigation bar for months now, but Riot is taking forever to do it. I offered to place their name in the navigation bar, which they gladly accepted. I also added the dropdown nav bar which is not normally there. You can choose between two different modes of display; **individual upvotes/downvotes**, and **total votes**. This is only shown when you hover your mouse over the vote count. Discussion View is now flawless. Random thread in GD. Thumbnails can be optionally animated.[/img][/img][/img]
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