I miss being a kid, when I was younger I was stupid enough to enjoy life

now I notice how every movie script was done by a moron who needs to be fired. games give you more visual content and then blame "time and money" because the game sucks.. Anime is mostly crap, SAO ruined the entire point of VR, luckily Log Horizon came out, and it's still for children. when you're 5 year old you can jump on the bed and it's awesome. the older I get the more I need, untill one day I just know I will drown myself in alcohol and whatever. because the only way to be happy is to enjoy less and keep yourself busy, but that's not what my brain tells me. being a human is to suffer, because almost everything you enjoy you can abuse to the extremes (if you live long enough). http://tranquilmonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/human-documentary.pngq=tbn:ANd9GcT192k69rKGqVLYzvcV1f5N9qfKXBZwoNLjahLcshG7xnUawRkX
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