[PETITION] - Bugged Mundo - The offical skin

Dear Riot, i know that sometimes you put things into the PBE that eventually will get released later. Sometimes the things that get into the PBE are the worst abominations created by humans. This is the case. [](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Na0a3FjYdJM/VLV4AN-KW6I/AAAAAAAAhPg/49aOIfliTME/s1600/mundofrontnew.jpg) The horror of this beast that got a genetic modification while he was getting pushed into the PBE is unspeakable. Riot has a department ready to delete this abomination as soon as possible, This thing was never meant to be released... {{champion:36}} But WE!, Players of League of Legends must be united in this quest! THE QUEST TO ASK RIOT TO UNLEASH THE ABOMINATION KNOWN AS "BUGGED MUNDO" INTO THE SUMMONER'S RIFT! ______________________________ Done with the emotional speech, now i want to see people partecipation, to make this dream come true, i fell in love with this texture bug of mundo, and now i want an offical skin of it! **I DEMAND JUSTICE FOR MUNDO!** **REPLY and UPVOTE if you are a true beliver of the Bugged Mundo Skin Crusade**
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