Washington, District of Corruption

[The FBI had enough evidence to convict Hillary and didn't press charges.](https://nypost.com/2016/07/05/fbi-boss-outrageous-double-standard-in-letting-hillary-skate/) So rather than taking the golden opportunity to give Bernie the nod, the democrats in Washington basically ignore that Hillary broke the law and let her walk because they are trying to get her elected more than give Americans faith in the system. Here's the real shame in this. She broke the law when it came to protecting our nation's secrets. In 1776 and throughout the revolution, George Washington wasn't just a great military commander, he was also one of the best spymasters we could ask for. He basically won the siege of Boston because he was able to hide from the british the fact he was out of gunpowder. So the democrats are so desperate to get the first woman in the white house (as if there aren't other competent women who could be picked) they've doubled down on someone who the FBI has admitted doesn't care about protecting state secrets. How can democrats or republicans trust someone to follow and carry out the law when they FBI has said they could get her convicted for breaking the law? How can any law abiding american trust the DNC when political favors are more important than rule of law? Why is she allowed to just walk away when anyone not named hillary clinton would be awaiting trial right now? People like general petraous got indited for less. How can americans have faith in our system if she is our president and the only reason she got the position was she benefited from obvious corruption? How can we trust her to do her job and protect us when she obviously can't? Do you guys know where the idea of Justice is blind came from? Justice used to be portrayed as being able to see. The blindness came from a political cartoon where corruption was so bad, Justice couldn't see it anymore. It was blind. It was the blind sports referee missing obvious calls. This is justice being blind, and it isn't good. I really hope the democrats at the convention show some decency and respectability by calling out this travesty for what it is. However, I think the DNC doesn't care anymore. All I know is from this day forward, Hillary Clinton has no rights to talk about the inequities or problems of our justice system or government because she's now a part of the problem. She is a major beneficiary of inequality and she will continue to make sure it remains as such.
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