The truth that you were never told in media

That Christians persecution has risen to 300%. Last year alone a staggering number of 7,100 were beheaded, killed for their faith. That's a 300% increase from 2013 with the number of 2,123. That's not including different territories other than the Mediterranean. Mentioning persecution of Christians is not well accepted in America because it shows the flaws of the Islamic faith. The region of persecution are spreading in the Middle East, to Northeast, even in regimes of Cuba, and intolerance has seen a significant increase in the United States. Rather we like it or not, agree or not, these are not false victims shouting, "Give me special privileges." These are real numbers of people actually being persecuted and have no voice because the media refuses to broadcast the truth. Rapes are outrageous, beheading, life imprisonment to work on the fields, and with Chinese government ordering to bury a LIVE CHURCH under dirt during their worship. Christian girls are a pleasure toy for Muslim men in these countries, and after they have raped them numerous times, they send the girl to another until they feel it's no longer needed. Their body parts are then sent to the families with a video tape. The numbers of REAL causalities are growing fast for Christian believers. This isn't one of those fake, "cry wolf," that most victims in America does.
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