How can Top Plz and Glob get unbanned but HateDaddy can't?

Basically, hatedaddy got banned for making a thread about Laughing Fish where he made a joke about killing himself when he sees him post with a picture of a gun to his head. He realized it was an awful post, deleted it a few minutes later but as a result, was still perma banned. He has since apologized to Laughing Fish personally (something he doesn't actually even bring up because he didn't do it out of any condition, he did it on his own because he genuinely felt bad). My point is this: HateDaddy never officially even got unbanned for a second time, this was the only time he got unbanned. He wasn't that bad of a poster. He rarely would attack anyone, typically he'd only do it in response. Keyru doesn't like him because he's called them out for targeting GDers in the past even though Keyru has admitted they "watch cliques". She refuses to ban him out of personal bias, it's that simple. Hate actually did a lot during the boards transition to smooth over the tension between the community and Tamat. He went out of his way to improve relations with the posters by organizing events with rioters/community members (some of you may remember his draft streams). This guy was a positive influence in this community and I'll be the first to admit he wasn't perfect. But you can't tell me with a straight face that posters like top plz and glob deserve to be unbanned, this is the third time top got unbanned mind you, but hatedaddy doesn't? Let me remind you HateDaddy has never posted porn, loli material, stalked posters, racial slurs or homophobic slurs. He was edgy but he often would only make those posts when provoked. In short, if glob and top plz get unbanned then HateDaddy deserves to be unbanned as well. At this point, there is nothing Keyru can say that would justify unbanning these posters while keeping HateDaddy banned, especially top getting a 3rd chance.
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