Autofill Simply Creates Toxicity

For those of you who don't know about what's happening with Dynamic Queue (unsurprisingly, as Riot hasn't even put any sort of notification in the client,) Riot has decided to add autofill to reduce queue times of high elo players. This was what was said. We are also now enabling Autofill in NA to address high MMR match times. Described from the article above: "To address position shortages, we’re adding an autofill mode that can trigger when queue times are too long. If players enter queue with excessive estimated wait times, the matchmaker will potentially assign them a role other than the two they selected." As a player currently in Master, this has already negatively affected me from my first time queuing up since the addition of autofill. I got into champ select after around seven minutes (good queue time, usually around 10-20 minutes) but I wanted out as soon as I got in. Everyone was panicking; we had FOUR people queued as mid/top, two of which did not get either of their desired roles. Already, there was chaos and our first pick decided to troll. So I dodged. It's just -3 LP, anyway. But what do I do now? I can't keep dodging. I remembered why I barely ranked before the role selection system came. People fought over roles and tilted before the game even started. Why are we going back? [My First Champion Select]( Role selection has made my ranked experience more enjoyable thus far. But autofill is just bringing the whole thing too far. I watched the Dynamic Queue Roundtable video. I get that Riot wants a better balance of queue times and game quality. But I'd honestly rather wait hours than play the first game I got into champion select for.
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