No need to cry, animu/waifu thread here...nvm you can cry if you feel like doing it

That of course only applies to those who hate it :^) Wew lads today i watched a few season animus that imo were good not AAA but good, so yeah im talking about Trickster: looks hmmm interesting, i already hate one of the main characters Soushin Shoujo Matoi: Forget about Magical Girls, now we have Exorcist Girls!! but really it was nice i actually enjoyed it and im really looking forward the next episode oh and Nanbaka: i have mixed feelings about this one, its weird af, im not even sure if its good or bad it just well it made me laugh but also made me cringe, fucking traps i swear, not going to drop it tho ill wait until ep3 before i do that, if i do that. And i just realized that Hibike! euphonium second season is out and since i havent watched it i cant say anything about it, hope its as good as first season man, it has the best yuri couple ever or at least i hope the become one :^) So far im not sure about this season quality, it has nice sequels and stuff but the new animus are a bit weird, they have nice stories so lets hope they do something good with them and dont fuck it. Well, music, i was thinking about posting just one 11 minutes vid but i decided to go with the usual 2 links, why? because the 11 minutes one is fucking epic and the pics are fucking nice that i want to post it tomorrow, no really its fucking nice hmmm today ill just post some GET IN THE RING, love their songs.
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