Veigar's numbers aside, he's actually pretty balanced.

No, seriously, Event Horizon is pretty dang easy to outplay. Most assassins really do counter him because his early game is legitimately weak. If you're actually having trouble dodging the stun, buy these and never worry about it again: {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}} The only buff that put him a bit over the edge was the delay reduction on his W. It really wasn't needed on an ability that has a 1.0 AP ratio and was already easy to land if you land the stun. His ult does a lot of damage, but so many things block/avoid it: {{champion:157}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:35}}{{champion:15}} A few of those are assassins that can shut down Veigar's early game and win before he can catch up. Yasuo in particular utterly demolishes Veigar, that wall is too good against him. It's like complaining about Nasus, guys. Think about it. Edit: Fixed some mistakes. QSS does *not* block his ult, silly me.
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