Can we delete autofill yet?

It's so backwards. For a game kinda notorious for its raging members, it seems pretty unwise to add and keep this feature which just puts people in bad situations - both for themself and for their teammates - who will likely waste no time at all getting on their ass about them performing poorly (in a role they didn't sign up for, and for good reason). Just won a ranked match against a team who had an autofill, and not only did he do poorly (which is expected), but his team kept going on about intentional feeding.. when really he was just thrown into an undesirable position. I know he was telling the truth about autofill because I got him in the previous 2 queues where someone dodged and he was ADC both times, but then got the short end of the stick with autofill on the one where someone didn't dodge. It wasn't nice to watch unfold, and it just shouldn't happen. The whole time autofill has been around I've seen nothing but negativity arise as a direct result of it and no one really cares about the faster queue times, people on the enemy team even said they'd of preferred a longer wait as opposed to getting the autofill.
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