Is it just me or I preferred the reworked out of meta Poppy!

I main poppy and I started playing her when she just got reworked and riot nerfed her, obviously she fell of the meta and that is when I most enjoined the champion.Because no one knew how to really counter her and it made for a better experience with the champion, personally I liked Poppy the most when she was like that,but then riot buffed her and I was pretty happy because it made my main champion stronger but she did rise in the current meta a bit.Now courage of the colossus made poppy a really ''meta'' pick and now she has a 11.90% pick rate,so now im sort of waiting for riot to either nerf Poppy or nerf courage of the colossus and make is so poppy either has a lower pick rate or make her complete trash but im hoping its just her pick rate thats gonna go down.Also if riot doesn't nerf poppy im probably going to play an out of meta build for poppy so like Ap poppy top lane because i've tryed it before and its not bad and it was pretty fun, or I could just go Ad-As poppy mid lane which have haven't tryed but it seems pretty good. But if poppy gets gutted I will probably just play Skarner jg.
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